Biowin P.B.No.16 ,670 645 Mananthavady, India


Self reliant & vibrant farming community living in a sustainable and healthy environment with cherishing human values of love, justice, solidarity and human dignity as well as their equity in the social capital ascertained..

About Us

Biowin Agro research is a company established under Section 8 ( previously Sn. 25C) of the Companies Act, 1956 with an intention to take over and upgrade the Organic Certification programme of Wayanad Social Service Society (WSSS), with the motto of sustainable development and enrich the market of organically grown Indian Spices range from the misty historic hill folds of Wayanad, the land known as land of plantations and spices. Biowin Agro Research is owned and managed by the Catholic Diocese of Manananthavady.


Organizing and empowering the farming community to develop an unbeatable supply chain with ample standard of quality products to meet the satisfaction of customers through participatory development process coupled with innovative technologies and value addition

Our History

  • 1974
    Establishment of WSSS as the official organisation of Catholic Diocese of Mananthavady for social action official organisation
  • 1999
    WSSS started its organic certification programme with 90 small scale farmers
  • 2002
    Spices Board support to setup a processing unit where pepper grading and spices powdering machineries with 15 KVA power
  • 2008
    Establishment of WOFFA as the farmers producer organisation with 444 farmers
  • 2010
    NABARD funded by KfW (Germany) under UPNRM project sanctioned a loan to setup a food processing centre and reach out the organic certification programme into 10000 farmers
  • 2011
    MoC through KINFRA and Coffee Bord under ASIDE supported to establish a modern food processing centre with 750KVA power and foundation stone for Bioland Agro Processing Center was laid down
  • 2013
    Establishment of Biowin Agro Research as a non-profitable company
  • 2014
    DEG (Germany) with Ecoland Gmbh support to upgrade the facility
  • 2015
    Inauguration of Bioland Agro Processing Centre and the project was took over by Biowin Agro Research
  • 2016
    Establishment of KAFFE farmers producer organisation
  • 2019
    Total number of farmers hit on 18000